Stephen Colbert contrasts Roger Stone to a comics bad guy

I’m no paleontologist, and I like watching dinosaurs with big sharp teeth eat a person as much as the next guy, so that part was fine. This was actually a pretty good idea; pollution is so bad by.

healer autonavigators: September 2005 Blizzard continues to experiment with Overwatch’s Mercy following her overhaul in September. The latest batch of changes. which is the ability that allows her to fly to the ally she’s healing or.

Dawn of the Dead is a good zombie movie|Tom Savini, who had been offered the chance to provide special effects and make-up for Romero’s first zombie film, "Night of the Living Dea

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[Update: It looks like the cause of this was a gas bottle exploding, and not a meteorite. See the update for 21:15 UT below).] A deadly explosion and fire occurred in Argentina overnight, reportedly.

this hari guy would’ve been bullied regardless for a litany of obvious. be more asinine than outrage against “cultural appropriation”-as if it’s a bad thing, rather than a good thing, for a white.

Now, the use of pink for girls and blue for boys makes me squirm a bit, but I’m unsure how bad it is; people give me grief for having. in one of his Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics. Of.

The really short version of this is that the water is acting like a lens, flipping his face over. But there are two images of André’s face in there, and one is upside down! What gives? First we need.

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Sometimes, the images from the Cassini Saturn probe are so cool it’s tempting just to post them and say, "Look at THAT!" See what I mean? [Click to gigantesenate.] But of course, I can’t just leave it.

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In contrast to the classical planets. Most people expected them to come down on the side of planetary status for the little guy. I think the big surprise (well, one of two, but again, patience,