Revolt Against Wall Street

UBS shareholders refused to back management and directors in a revolt against the bank’s handling of events that led to a $5 billion penalty for helping French clients evade taxes. A usually routine vote to release directors and executives from liability failed to get the 50% needed at the bank’s annual general meeting in Basel on Thursday.

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Sourced from online feeds this site collects Memes in revolt against. SUBMIT. If you want to submit work email us at: Occupy Wall Street.

"There is a general revolt against bigness," he said. He questioned, though, if the tea party wanted to roll back initiatives such as healthcare reform, Wall Street oversight reform and.

Ethanol’s fall from ideological grace among green activists and the mainstream media occurs at a time when powerful industry groups are either in open revolt against the King. As reported in the.

 · The revolt has been not against Wall Street per se, but rather against government collusion with Big Everything and revolving doorism between government and Wall Street (and other big.

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Consequently, culturism is the official ideology of the ruling classes in the United States and the United kingdom. wall street, K Street, and the City of London encourage culturism because it diverts the people’s attention from the corrupt and dysfunctional economy and politics they profit from.. The People Revolt Against Cultur

The Wall Street ‘Revolt’ Against the Democrats. Though Wall Street gave more money to Democrats than to Republicans — and therefore expected a slap on the wrist — the new rules put them in a straightjacket. Those !&!$ Democrats! They rammed down unpalatable regs — at the cost of The Street’s profits — simply to prevent another financial collapse.

The Democratic Party’s romance with Wall Street may finally be breaking up. In the past week and a half, a diverse group of Democratic senators scuttled Larry Summers’ candidacy for Federal Reserve chair and New York Democrats voted for the mayoral candidate whose campaign was an attack on Michael Bloomberg’s care and feeding of the super-rich at the expense of the rest of the city.

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