Going Strong

(still) going strong definition: 1. to still be successful after having existed for a long time: 2. Someone who is still going strong is healthy even though the person is old or has been ill: . Learn more.

Go strong definition is – very active, healthy, or successful. How to use go strong in a sentence.

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The juggernaut that is Manny Pacquiao keeps on going at age 40 and the world reacted to his latest victory in positive fashion, many saying how incredible it was he was still boxing and winning bouts.

Poweramp is still doing well, even if it seems like everyone and their mother is on a music streaming service these days.

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go strong. Do well; succeed. Usage notes . Chiefly used in the present participle: going strong. References "go strong" in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. "be going strong" in the Cambridge English Dictionary, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. "going strong" in the Collins English Dictionary

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