Florida’s foreclosure crisis far from over

Florida’s foreclosure crisis just won’t end. More than six years after subprime. were laggards among the component members “and have not recovered much so far,” according to index chairman David.

Housing is still unaffordable Florida remains one of the top states for foreclosures, despite the rest of the nation reporting a steady recovery. According to foreclosure lawyer dillon graham of Graham Legal, the future of real estate in Florida is not all positive. "While everyone is excited about the additional construction in South Florida, it seems they are forgetting that Florida still.

First, the good news: Florida. in foreclosure filings has significantly impacted the revenue needed to run the courts, said state courts administrator Lisa Goodner. But it looks like Canadys work.

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Despite what you may have heard, the foreclosure crisis is far from over, especially in Florida, which leads the nation, more than 300,000 cases still pending, another half-a-million homeowners.

property/mortgage foreclosure case filings has risen over 600 percent. The mortgage foreclosure crisis continues to burden Florida’s court system. Florida counties are among the most affected by the rising number of foreclosures in the nation. Foreclosure filings in 11 of 20 circuit courts increased over 40 percent

New York’s foreclosure crisis is far from over, but some welcome signs of hope have recently emerged. Attorney general eric schneiderman’s announcement that the national "robo-signing" settlement would bring 6 million in foreclosure prevention funding to help struggling homeowners was important news.


Misery over real estate hasn't ended-2.5 million homes are still. But when the U.S. housing market collapsed in 2007, the property's value fell far below. By July, all 32 miles of beach between Mobile Bay and the Florida.

Despite what you might have heard, the foreclosure crisis is far from over. Economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to people in Florida who have lost their homes, and considers whether a wave.

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(Foreclosure Crisis far from over for South Florida, Oct 17, 2009) By comparison, South Florida registered nearly 33,000 foreclosure actions for the year in 2007 and 75,000 in 2008. Here is the Sunpost in 2004: “Born in Spain, developer Inigo Ardid uses his passion for the good life and his love of Miami as inspiration for his projects.