Federal and State Agencies Stop Phony Mortgage Relief Schemes

But more than 130 student loan debt relief businesses operating during the period had records of questionable or illegal behavior, according to a NerdWallet. swamp federal and state agencies.

FTC Cracks Down on Debt Relief Schemes Targeting Student Loan and Mortgage Borrowers. to the Better Business Bureau or a state or federal agency. Some people complained that, instead of issuing.

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WASHINGTON, May 25, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida have taken action against two operations charged with running phony student loan debt relief.

For certain kinds of federal investigations, such those involving violent transnational gangs, or large scale white collar crimes, it is not uncommon for multiple federal agencies, or even for federal and state agencies, to cooperate in a joint investigation.

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 · Consumer advisory: Don’t fall for a foreclosure relief scam or bogus legal help. federal law bans law firms-except under very limited circumstances-from requesting or receiving payment from you for help obtaining foreclosure relief, such as a mortgage modification, before you’ve signed a mortgage modification agreement with your lender. In one.

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The federal mortgage assistance relief services (mars) rule 16 cfr part 322 and Wisconsin law under Wis. Stat. s 846.45 (3) makes it illegal for companies to collect any fees until a homeowner has actually received an offer of relief from his or her lender and accepted it.

A.G. Schneiderman Announces Court Judgment Against Brooklyn & Florida Law Firms For Running Fraudulent Mortgage Rescue Scheme. Moreover, the forensic audits typically had very little value in saving consumers’ homes. In many cases, homeowners never spoke to an attorney in their state, never obtained a loan modification or other foreclosure relief, and wound up having to negotiate with lenders.

 · The Department of Housing and Urban Development ought to be dismantled, and its poor record on controlling fraud and abuse is one good reason why. Student Loans. Federal student-aid programs have long been subject to fraud and abuse. The three main culprits are students and their families, educational institutions, and lending companies.

Avoid these 6 mortgage relief scams. Homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure are stressed and scared. They have become a prime target of con artists who prey on vulnerable people.