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To avoid finding yourself in a situation where your mortgage is denied in spite of pre-approval, you need to understand the most common reasons why pre-approved buyers are denied. Working as one of the top Re/Max Real Estate agents in Franklin MA, for the past 28 years, I can tell you what to avoid, and how you can move forward with the home.

Mortgage Industry Frequently Asked Questions. The Department does not qualify financial responsibility on a credit score, but looks at the MLO’s overall credit report. judgments, defaults on student or government loans, child support in arrears, and other factors could result in the denial of licensure.

 · This would mean that while the owner may be able to claim a mortgage exemption on this primary residence, that same exemption would not be applicable to real estate that functions as rental property. Typically, other types of exemptions are associated with weekend homes of residential properties that are leased or rented by a landlord.

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Your Florida homestead is entitled to receive certain exemptions from real estate taxes. The Florida Department of Revenue’s website provides a complete list of these exemptions. Under Florida’s "Save Our Homes" cap on assessments, the annual valuation of your homestead for property tax purposes can only increase by the lesser of 3 percent or the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index.

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the cost of a real estate attorney is FAR less than an agent's 3-6%. The lawyer typically work with title companies, mortgage brokers and. education yourself first, you are your best ally, not a real estate.. metrolobster, Home Buyer in Lake Helen, FL. An agent and an attorney serve different purposes.

If the sale of the home is not enough to pay off the reverse mortgage, the lender (not the borrower) must take a loss and request reimbursement from the FHA. No other assets are affected by a reverse mortgage. For example, investments, second homes, cars, and other valuable possessions cannot be taken from the estate to pay off the reverse mortgage.