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The U.S. Asian population grew 72% between 2000 and 2015 (from 11.9 million to 20.4 million), the fastest growth rate of any major racial or ethnic group. By comparison, the population of the second-fastest growing group, Hispanics, increased 60% during the same period.

NEW HAVEN – Wandering around the Yale University campus, visitors might notice a sign that reads “-41 ETHNIC STUDIES FACULTY” and “$50 MILLION FOR WHAT?” pasted alongside pie charts that break down.

The following is a list of contemporary ethnic groups. There has been constant debate over the. Romance Spanish · Dominican Republic, 1.6-8.9 million, Significant populations in Spain and the United States · Christianity Catholicism.

China disputes allegations that it is holding as many as one million Muslim ethnic minorities in internment camps-instead calling them vocational schools-in rare comments before a U.N. panel.

 · The Chinese government has drawn wide international condemnation for its harsh crackdown on ethnic Muslims in its western region, including holding as many as a million of them in detention camps.

The removal from Vietnam in 1979 of nearly one million ethnic Chinese is an example of.. expulsion. The theoretical approach that takes the view that prejudice is influenced by situations that encourage or discourage the tolerance of minorities is called.

Nazi crimes against the Polish nation claimed the lives of 2.77 million ethnic Poles and 2.7 to 2.9 million Polish Jews, according to estimates of the Polish government-affiliated Institute of National Remembrance . Historians outside Poland put the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in occupied Poland at 3.0 million.

. highest racial and ethnic diversity spend the least per pupil on education.. California has the most Asian Americans, 4.9 million, followed by. The fate of estimated up to one million people is unknown and most of the detainees’ families have been kept in the dark.

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according to the 2011 Census, the total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, and 86.0% of the population was White; people.

Ethnic chauvinism and ethnic strife are on the. log of wood that was rigged into office to oversee the affairs of 200.

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"Ethnic cleansing" is the attempt to get rid of-through deportation, displacement or even mass killing-members of an unwanted ethnic group in order to establish an ethnically homogenous.