Are some law firms cutting corners on foreclosures?

Law firms handling thousands of foreclosure cases on behalf of mortgage lenders and servicers are drawing criticism from judges, who say roughshod filing practices are trampling borrowers’ rights.

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 · Consumer advocates who claim a Virginia law firm cut corners and overcharged struggling homeowners on high volume foreclosure work won a discovery victory last month. A federal judge swept aside privilege claims and ordered production of communications between the law firm and a company that monitored lawyers’ foreclosure work.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A New York law firm that was harshly criticized. along with Brian Kumiega, the Baum firm’s managing partner. “The Baum firm cut corners in order to maximize the number of its.

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Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law. A mortgage banking foreclosure practice requires that a lawyer be able to handle issues related to the origination of the loan, loss mitigation initiatives upon default, the foreclosure process, eviction or summary ejectment post-foreclosure, intervening consumer litigation, bankruptcy,

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Servicers can reap high fees from foreclosures. And lenders can try to collect on private mortgage insurance. Some advocates and real estate agents also point to an April 2009 regulatory change in an.

First, the foreclosure epidemic, until recently mostly a subplot in the national economic drama, is now front-page news. Revelations that some of the nation’s biggest financial firms. of skepticism.

Are some law firms cutting corners on foreclosures? CNN (Drew Griffin and Jessi Joseph) October 23, 2010. foreclosure attorney fights Fla. Evictions. HOUSING watch (josie gulliksen) october 22, 2010. How a BigLaw Refugee Spurred a Foreclosure Uproar. ABA JOURNAL (Debra Cassens Weiss) October 21, 2010

The employees thus lacked the knowledge required to make the affidavits valid. As a result of cutting corners to expedite foreclosures,